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Having struggled with weight issues his entire life, Judson Todd Allen experienced a significant 70 plus pound weight gain during his college years. With the convenience of drive-thru windows and the abundance of “all you can eat” dorm food, Judson’s love for food was not only evident in his passion for cooking but also eating. At his highest weight of 350 pounds, Judson realized the need to loose weight. After graduating college, he decided it was time to apply his advanced knowledge in food science and nutrition and thus began his personal journey toward adopting a healthy lifestyle change.

With a palate that craved flavorful cuisine, Judson created recipes that highlighted his favorite foods infusing them with a healthier twist, all while providing an eating experience. Over a 2-year period, he was able to loose over 100 pounds, dispelling the myth that healthy food is boring and unpalatable. Branded the “Architect of Flavor” TM, Judson has and continues to build innovative and cutting edge flavor profiles into foods, bringing life to healthier options, transforming the way people think and feel about healthy foods.

Judson mentioned, “growing up, fried foods were a staple in my diet. The taste for fried foods carried throughout my adult hood years and later became an addiction for me. When I began to explore flavor and unconventional cooking methods to yield healthier food options, I stumbled on a recipe that literally changed both my taste buds and my desire for fried foods. I took a piece of catfish, seasoned it with creole spices and fresh garlic, and topped it with a mixture of crushed pecans and pistachios, parmesan cheese, lemon zest, and fresh herbs and broiled it to perfection. The result was a succulent piece of fish that exuded layers of bold flavors with a crispy texture that mirrored that of fried fish, but without the fat/calories”.

Judson recognizes that his weight loss struggle is not over. He continues along his journey and to date has successfully lost over 130 plus pounds. Judson commented, “the addiction to food is like any other addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, etc. and must be treated and monitored”. As a public figure and advocate for healthy lifestyle change, Judson is committed to changing the lives of millions through their perception of “healthy” food.